You can go visit the "Parco Letterario Eugenio Montale", supervised by "Ippolito Nievo Foundation" in memory of the poet Eugenio Montale, Premier Nobel for literature in 1975.

In front of Riomaggiore station you can appreciate the great murals, and other works of art inside the local municipality, made by Silvio Benedetto, a contemporary painter.

In water sports, there are great places for both tourists and inhabitants for snorkeling on all the Franata di Corniglia,”a real paradise of many fish, eels, lobsters and sponges”. As well as fishing (the allowance given), imagine yourself Seawatching, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the sea environment, not only learning, but enjoying all of the sea nature and beauty. A sailing school is also available at Fegina, at the local CircoloVelico (Sailing School) which manages the small port to the west of Monterosso.

In another sports, you can also do hill walks on the Cinque Terre paths, try horse riding, maybe mountain-biking or discover yourself at paragliding.

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