Cinque Terre’s food is modest and natural, an heritage from a millenary tradition attached not only to the geographical means but also to the regional history, so the actual gastronomy preserves much of the original features as well as the respect for flavors and scents like oregano, thyme and marjolaine. Fish and sea food the main ingredient: anchovies, gilt-head bream, sea bass, cuttle fish, squid and octopus. Another local ingredients widely used are olive oil, regional wines.

Veggies are grown everywhere, giving place to pies and minestrones prepared with starflower, swiss chard, artichoke, cauliflower, leaks and potatoes. Meat is limited to poultry and farmyard rabbits.



2 poundsmussels, breadcrumbs, a bologna, 2 or 3 garlic cloves, some fresh herbs, 4 eggs, parmesan cheese, salt, a red pepper, a large onion, 3 tomatoes.

First, clean two-thirds of mussels carefully keeping the juice of the mussels. Then, throw  and cook there maining ones into a pot. Next, chop up the bread crumbs, bologna, garlic, fresh herbs and mix all together. Following, add 4 eggs,  6 parmesan cheese slices, some salt, and peeper; put the whole ingredients into the open mussels and mix the mout with a cooked large onion. Finally, stuffed the mussels into a pot, washed down the mussels with some peeled tomatoes sauce and cook all for a half an hour. 


1 dozen pumpkin blossoms, a jar of water, bread crumbs, some eggs, to taste flour, to taste salt.

First, make a liquid mixture of water, flour, salt and a dozen of pumpkin flowers. Then, heat some oil in a bowl. Next, scramble eggs in a second bowl, dredge pumpkin blossoms in egg batter, and then into some bread crumbs. Finally, shape the mixture making “donnuts” after 10 minutes, remove the donnuts from the pan and place the mon a paper towel to drain.

If some time ago the wine culture was one of the emblems of the zone, actually there are very few people working in the area. Precisely to favor this tradition, the Agriculture Cooperative exists since 1982 and produces two D.O.C. wines: Cinque Terre, which is a “delicate white wine of a pale yellow colour, ideal with sea dishes, vegetable pieces and focacce (flat bread)” et Sciacchetrà, which is the most well-known wine, described as “a sweet wine, ideal for desserts, that has a limited production and is obtained from the fermentation of the same grapes as the white wine, though in this case they are left to dry for three months on a trellis”.

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